WordCamp London 2017 is almost here…

With months of work, planning and weekly Slack meetings behind us the Organising team are now heading to London for this year’s WordCamp London.

The experience and friends I have made have both been fantastic reasons to have contributed my time and experience to help organise this fantastic event.

I am honoured to have contributed to the design of this year’s event and also work with our Lead Organiser Jenny Wong to create the WordCamp London 2017 Wapuu… Here is our Wapuu for this year…

I am enroute to London and heading to my AirB&B for the weekend. Contributor Day begins tomorrow then the WordCamp itself is across Saturday and Sunday.

My post event update will follow along with my summary on the planning and how much work goes into creating these fantastic events. More than anything the amazement comes with how cost effective the ticket price is. This is only made possible by the amazing sponsors and our sponsorship team who work so hard to raise so much money… the figures are mind boggling!

Catch you all on the other side 😉

Inspiration from the WordPress REST API Design Lead

As a developer specialising in WordPress (Weblake is run with WordPress at its core (excuse the pun WP devs)) I am constantly studying to improve my skills and Weblake as a business.

WordPress is being pushed into new territory and I want to keep up with this development.

Part of this study and improvement includes the WordPress REST API. I found this fantastic article from one of the genius members of the team, K. Adam White of Bocoup. If you are at all interested in this fantastic project you can learn about the last 3 years of the project from K.Adam White himself.

Read the blog post.

Elliott joins the Design Team for WordCamp 2017

WordPress is such a fantastic platform and the community equals that. I attended my first WordCamp last year and found so much value in it that I wanted to contribute back to the WordPress Community.

As developers we can all contribute to WordPress in various ways, either as a core contributor, or to the documentation, design or translation amongst many other areas. I attended my first Contributor  Day last year and also found this so valuable, although I didn’t get chance to give much back being a newbie.

That’s changing already as I am contributing to this year’s WordCamp London. I will write updates as we build up to the big event, but for now you can view my design work in the form of the WordCamp branding and the website design.

Our bees are being killed by Government plans. Please sign this petition

This is a subject very dear to my heart, after all I based this business brand of mine on the beautiful bee. A creature that we take for granted. 

[mk_blockquote align=”left”]“1 on every 3 mouthfuls of food we eat was created by the bee”.[/mk_blockquote]

Please help us halt this ridiculous and unbelievable plan to poison and kill our bee population by signing this petition.

Sign it now!

Thank you.