Add new functionality

So you have your Buzz subscription, or you have your own WordPress website elsewhere. You want to add some new features! Weblake has added new functionality to most of our customer subscriptions after launch. It’s the added value of being able to enhance and develop every WordPress customer website.

Increase functionality

So we’ve add new functionality to your WordPress website. You want it to work even harder! Let’s twist that throttle further, or introduce a complimentary function. Let’s make sure we monitor and measure the extra power we’ve added. You need a return on that investment don’t you!

Grow your WordPress site

It’s not just the functionality, it’s also content, messaging, CTA (Call To Action) and analytics! Grow your Buzz Subscription website. It can be anything from Weblake generating content for you (blog posts, calls to action, e-newsletters) to Weblake managing a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign to market and promote your investment. Anything to grow your site and its exposure.