Entry fees

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Training on-site (tailored to your requirements) £300 per half day
Transfer of current site content into new WordPress site (per page) £12 per page
Redirects for old site pages £1 per page redirect
Local site backup of files and database specifically requested within business hours £24
Site restore from cloud backup** Free (one restore per 90 days. Additional restores required will be charged at £48ph).
Domain name registration & hosting (each .co.uk per year) £15
Domain name registration & hosting (each non .co.uk per year) £20
Domain name DNS configuration (each domain name) £12
Email accounts upgrade (additional 10Gb storage) £6 per month
Google Analytics monthly reports / analysis £24 per month
Search Engine Optimisation £POA
Pay Per Click £POA
E-newsletter campaign creation £20 per month with ongoing newsletter fees based on usage


*any additional requested plugin licences charged separately.
**whilst we provide daily cloud backup we cannot guarantee that we can restore your site to a specific point in time or to it’s full previous state. Backups are made at 3am each morning and only stored for 7 consecutive days so any updates made the same day could be lost if no previous local site backup has been performed. Storage restrictions apply in terms of data amounts allowed before additional charges are made.
^detailed discussion and specifications are agreed and a tailored subscription fee will be provided.
✤this includes one theme from the range of free Subscription.Buzz themes. A premium theme will require payment of a one-off licence fee (which will be discussed).
All subscriptions and fees are subject to change at anytime. Please use this information as a guide. Fixed and agreed fees are only contractual when part of the signed contract made between Weblake and you, the Customer.