Keeping your WordPress site secure

Weblake is unable to lock up every hacker and throw away their key, but we are able to protect our customers websites from their moronic activity. By running our own web servers and configuring those servers with the most stringent security settings, we provide every site with a secure environment. Add in security monitoring within each site, IP blocking and 24/7 scanning. It’s tight 😉

Keeping your WordPress site healthy

WordPress is forever improving and developing, thanks to the open source community and contribution by developers like me. This constant updating and improvement is nothing but a good thing. Every website on Weblake’s servers are monitored and updated with every new WordPress core update and every plugin update. All included in your subscription.

Hand over the technical issues

DNS, TTL, CNAME, CLI, nameservers, mysql… Yeah it’s all a mystery and a black hole to the uninitiated. Why worry? Why create a disaster by changing DNS to only lose connection to your website and email. Leave the technical issues to Weblake. It’s part of the Rock service, keeping your site secure and solid as a rock.