With months of work, planning and weekly Slack meetings behind us the Organising team are now heading to London for this year’s WordCamp London.

The experience and friends I have made have both been fantastic reasons to have contributed my time and experience to help organise this fantastic event.

I am honoured to have contributed to the design of this year’s event and also work with our Lead Organiser Jenny Wong to create the WordCamp London 2017 Wapuu… Here is our Wapuu for this year…

I am enroute to London and heading to my AirB&B for the weekend. Contributor Day begins tomorrow then the WordCamp itself is across Saturday and Sunday.

My post event update will follow along with my summary on the planning and how much work goes into creating these fantastic events. More than anything the amazement comes with how cost effective the ticket price is. This is only made possible by the amazing sponsors and our sponsorship team who work so hard to raise so much money… the figures are mind boggling!

Catch you all on the other side 😉